Using the omnibus Example Program

The omnibus example program is a proving ground for the library by attempting straightforward use case examples and tying them all into one program.

The example omnibus program can be run as follows:

fits-parse$ stack exec -- omnibus

It has a few options out might want to be aware of:

fits-parse$ stack exec -- omnibus --help
fits-parse - a FITS swiss army knife

Usage: omnibus (FILE | --stdin) ([-o|--outfile ARG] | [--stdout])
  Parse, generate, and render FITS files

Available options:
  FILE                     Input FITS file to parse
  --stdin                  Input FITS from stdin
  -o,--outfile ARG         Output filename to store
  --stdout                 Output picture to stdout
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Running omnibus on the example fits file Spiral_2_30_0_300_10_0_NoGrad.fits gives an output like the following:

fits-parse$ stack exec omnibus example_fits_files/Spiral_2_30_0_300_10_0_NoGrad.fits
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] input file size 1545444 bytes
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] found 1 hdu record(s)
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Bit Format 32 bit IEEE single precision float
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] data block size 1542564 bytes
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] 2 Axes
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Axis: 1 count: 621
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Axis: 2 count: 621
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Total Pix Count: 385641
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Unwrapped Int Count: 0
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Unwrapped Double Count: 385641
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Vector Int Count: 0
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Vector Double Count: 385641
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Mean:     3.161230263379672e-2
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Range:    1.0
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Variance: 3.061296495598597e-2
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Std deviation: 0.17496583763186624
29/Mar/2019:21:03:27 -0500: [DEBUG] Std error of the mean: 2.817485308081582e-4